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How would it help to know what your body is trying to tell you?  Do you have the inner resources to heal and can your body make good use of your energy reserves?  Quantum Bioenergetics studies human energy fields in order to optimise the body’s own healing potential. Individual assessments help to ensure you stay well by listening to the whispers from your energy before your body starts to shout disease.

If you would like a consultation in person or remotely, ask for more information and we will reply within one working days.

We believe that good health depends on the correct alignment of energy fields in and around the body. Our aim is to optimize the use of both natural methods and scientific data in order to facilitate the body’s own healing potential. Add to this the incredible capacity of the body to self diagnose and repair cells and you get a truly empowering well being system. This takes the concept of Energy medicine into the realm of Bio-Regulatory medicine and Bio-genetics: Integrating innovative methods to provide a natural and effective alternative and a potent adjunct to conventional health approaches.

You are a receiver and transmitter of information

So What is  the Cyma Method?

The Cyma Method incorporates Bio resonance and Bio-energetics. It is a health balancing approach designed to maintain optimal self healing and as such we believe, it is one of the best safeguards you can have against the stresses of modern day living. Treatments involve a personalized assessment of your whole health and well being. This includes physical, mental and emotional aspects of health and ensuring that the body’s electromagnetic system is operating smoothly and beneficially for future well being. 

Within the basic assessment, we provide a range of protocols so that your Energy system, through your innate or inner wisdom, is able to select the precise frequencies your body/mind needs to heal itself.

We offer both in-clinic appointments and remote assessments (under the Trans Spatial Programme).

What happens during a Cyma Session?

All balancing treatments are designed to  re balance all your energy fields and provide a report with recommendations based on whatever information is provided during the analysis. You will be fully clothed and placed in a relaxing position. Some people even fall asleep. Frequencies will be applied either directly or through a transducer with special amplifiers to saturate the cells. Medications will be assessed and harmonized so they work better and a recording of all frequencies will be imprinted into a water vial for you to repeat at home. We use instruments that enable measurements of very subtle fields to gather a range of information through the field responses of your whole being.

What sort of information?

Measurements of all your main energy fields will be taken including a wider assessment of your organs, glands and systems, acid/alkaline balance and homotoxicity levels. We also look to measure personal cycles and include some astrological and numeric data to facilitate an overall view of you as an Energetic form. This provides a base line picture of your morphogenetic field (current, ancestral and inherited qualities)and physical being from which we construct a precise programme of frequencies designed to realign all the fields to a global level  distributing energy to maintain itself. A specific protocol will be identified as your priority for balancing. Precise frequencies, based on your energetic responses are applied using one of 5 different application methods with the goal of re-establishing the optimum self healing capacity. Additional recommendations may be provided for you to consider.

All medications or supplements that you are taking should be brought with you to the clinic or listed on the intake Trans Spatial Form. They will be assessed as to the effect they have on your whole body with the intention of optimizing medications while minimizing any unwanted side effects.

The initial session will last 1 hour and 90 minutes*. Subsequent appointments may vary

Any side effects or contra indications?

Mostly people find the sessions are energizing, but some people may feel tired after the session. This is temporary and when it happens you are advised to rest and drink water. To date, there have been no contra indications recorded. Negative effects are very rare and short lived if they happen. They may be considered to be a healing crisis. If you have any concerns about this be sure to drink plenty of water and contact your clinic. Your Practitioner will reassure you and take any appropriate steps to assist you through what should be a short period of adjustment. It is wise to rest if feeling tired and to drink water as it is a very good carrier of frequencies. For information or to make an appointment please contact  Quantum Change  for a referral to a consultant in your area

*The Brain State Programme is a shorter series of interventions which  are offered as a series 12 mini sessions completed over a matter of a few days.

To request an appointment with Dr. G C Peyton  please telephone +34951701067 (or click here)

 Trans Spatial Assessment. (Remote balancing)

We now use iPhone pictures of a drop of blood – so if you prefer, provide  a small drop of  blood and place it on a piece of white paper;then photograph it using your cell phone or tablet. Forward it by email to grace@quantum-change.co.uk with details of any specific inquiry.

We  accept blood or saliva samples for analysis subject to the following arrangements.

Contact us in advance of forwarding any substances through the postal system. We will advise you on the preparation and labeling.  Clearly label all products with your name, date of birth, location and time the sample was prepared.

The Pathos Protocol: – This includes testing for the presence of common:- 

  • Fungi and Molds
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Parasites  
  • Heavy Metals
  • Microbial Analysis can help shed light on a clocked or hidden condition.

If you have a chronic or un-diagnosed condition you may like to consider a Trans Spatial or an in clinic assessment. We will send you a health questionnaire to complete in advance of the session and invite you to send  a sample of blood or Saliva for analysis

Medical Disclaimer:

The Cyma Method is a non invasive complementary and alternative Health treatment. It is not intended to replace conventional health care and you should always consult your doctor if considering any alternative treatment methods. Our goal is to prevent disease and maximize recovery from any necessary medical treatment and to that end, will seek to complement any health plans your doctor recommends. We believe that by identifying the precise needs of your body/mind your healing will be accelerated and you may feel better faster.

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