The Trans-Spatial Programme



Quantum Science, the Physics of Quality and Cymatics Sounds and biogeometry all underpin this unique method of balancing your energy fields and enabling you to get well and stay well in spite of stress and tensions. Nobody else does it quite like us.

Trans Spatial Balancing: This means we measure your energy balance at a distance in order to assess your body’s energy reserves and capacity to deal with the happenings in your life. We then aim to rebalance the body through your own magnificent energy fields by finding “solutions”  to disrupting or interfering waves. In this way you can manage more confidently the environment all around you. 

Arising from both ancient medicine and modern traditions, this is the ultimate in non local harmonisation and energy balancing. 

This will suit you if:

  • You are well and want to stay well.
  • Want a competitive edge in your career
  • Have a high pressured work environment and are vulnerable to stress because of it.
  • Suffer from  Electromagnetic Stress or Smog and want to protect yourself
  • Have a medical diagnosis and want to get well, quicker with or without chemical medicine
  • Want to help harmonise relationships in your life.
  • You have symptoms, but not sure what it relates to….
  • You feel as if  your body is trying to tell you something.
  • Have concerns about your life and want a little more  insight
  • Have tried most things but gotten little relief from them
  • Have little time to attend an in clinic session.
  • Want to know you are taking good care of your body, mind and spirit


How it works:

Monthly: If you sign up for a session, it will be conducted three times during the month. Each session is complete and each aims to work on different levels to help establish  alignment of all your body fields.  At the end of each session an update will be sent to you – informing you of what occurred during the session and any corrections that were made. In addition you will be given some recommendations, when necessary as to actions you can take to support your body during the change period

Quarterly Sessions: These cover a period of three months and are essentially 12 + global balancing to help provide extra support and this is often recommended for people who are undergoing medical treatment as we focus on building your energy reserves and reducing any side effects of treatment. It is also a good way to support yourself through a complex business situation, sports project or perhaps global travelling. All the balances are scheduled and reports or updates sent by email so you always know what we are doing on your behalf. 

On going Sessions: This offers ongoing balancing sessions as above but extending over a longer period. This is an ideal  stress management support  system designed to help maintain optimum well being over the year. 

Prices start at £60.00 per month

If you are interested in more information about any of our programmes, email Quantum Change 

Drawing on Quantum Entanglement and Non Locality theory we connect to your Energy system from a distance; identify missing frequencies or disruptions in your Energy fields and provide energetic solutions. We can also send you a virtual copy of the cymatics frequencies, colours and bio geometric harmonizers for you to use at home in between sessions. If you  do not have the time to come to our clinics and want to make sure they can stay centred and aligned no matter what life may throw at them this is a positive solution. We select precisely according to your changing needs Our goal is to empower you with vibrant health and information to help you maintain your essential energy and live life to the fullest. Read more about this approach that Einstein called “Spooky action at a distance” by clicking this link:- Trans Spatial Balance


Non Local Sessions We call it Trans Spatial because it goes beyond time and space in our Quantum World!

Read what Quantum Change’s blog says about it

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you are at your best to cope with life’s stress or challenges is to sign up for our trans-spatial programme Participants are monitored on a twice weekly basis and regular energy adjustments are made to help maintain optimal energy field alignments. This helps you to maintain your energy alignment and personal resources. Helping you to better manage more effectively all that your day to day living involves.

Our goal is to reinforce your global Energy field by providing energy alignments that optimize your ability to withstand 21st century tensions. Imagine, managing life’s challenges, knowing that you have all the resources you need for whatever the universe may send your way. . Let your own Energy System be your life Coach and make it easier for yourself to identify personal priorities.

Who might benefit by this programme?  

  • Are you in a high preforming role and worried you might fall ill or just simply want to maintain a rising profile?
  • Do you want your environment to support you better? 
  • Are you frustrated by an impersonal health care system, or confusing medical diagnoses and multiple tablets to treat multiple symptoms….? 
  • Would you like the added confidence of knowing that your energy fields are aligned and supporting your highest well being?
  • Would you like to know what your incoming Energy looks like?
  • Do you have  hereditary concerns and like more information to offset it?
  • Is there something that keeps recurring and you just can’t seem to get beyond it?

If so, this programme may be for you. Maintaining a optimal sense of well being  is not just a matter of education or physical strength. It’s the unseen energy fields that form the template of your life. 

ore In the Trans Spatial Programme you will be maximizing  all your resources  and more able to handle any challenges better. 

See some of our unsolicited testimonials.

Do you have to be unwell to sign up for this?  Definitely not! You will find that if you have a stressful job, this will help you stay well and effective under stress. It is primarily designed to maintain your resources (Essential Energy) and keep you well. 

Payment to be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer – The investment  includes an initial assessment and weekly monitoring with brief reports and updates of any adjustments made during the month. we also provide a relationship and family balancing service.  Contact Quantum Change  for information about how you can participate

Following the assessment a balancing session is carried out remotely and information recorded in your mass (a mass is the vehicle we use to transport frequencies to your energy fields remotely). Using the principle of non locality our success rests upon establishing a strong line of ‘communication’ with your Energy system to measure information obtained during the assessment. We do this via internal polarity and by ensuring that the practitioner’s energy system is aligned and radiating prior to connection. The initial selection of solutions are monitored and adjusted periodically through the month. This provides ongoing support for your wellbeing and peace of mind. The updates will be our way of keeping you briefed on what transpires here in Malaga. 

A Trans-Spatial~ simply means crossing time and space to access energy readings from your fields. This is a remote operated connection with a specific Protocol designed to help you maintain optimal well being in the face of whatever stresses you are exposed on a daily basis. . As such it is a very practical and increasingly popular way to invest in your health and well being. We recommend a minimun of three months participation and then you may wish to sign up for longer periods. If you would like to join this program go to our Contact Us page (or click here)

What happens after a Cyma session? 

Usually you may feel invigorated or tired for a short period after a session. Either way, this is a sign that the body is back in control of its own health. Changes are underway. Pain should be reduced and you may feel a surge of energy, due to the release of energy that has been blocked for some time. We recommend that you drink water to help flush out any residual toxins. It is quite common for some people to feel noticeably happier and notice that small symptoms that had bothered them for a long while just seem to disappear. A surprising number of people seem to “forget” some of the problems or symptoms that they had at the start of the sessions. In other words, life gets better for most in subtle ways. The better it gets the better it is for you and those around you. On the Trans Spatial Porgramme, many people report that they can feel when they are being balanced while a few others do not notice anything at all. Either way your energetic uniqueness is being served with the processes and techniques at our disposal.

 Medical Disclaimer

 Please be aware that  Quantum Change is always happy to discuss our energy interventions, findings and recommendations with your  Medical Practitioner. In the same way, we would always advise you to discuss alternative approaches with your Doctor. Essentially, we believe Energy medicine will complement what ever medical programme you may be engaged in. It is not a substitute. It is however, recommended to help minimize potential side effects of medication and to reduce recovery time from operations etc. We believe, our approach will help maintain your body’s healing resources and your ability to manage stress. Therefore, you may wish to consider The Cyma Method a holistic treatment for well being, rather than a substitute for your traditional medical advice. 


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