What people say about Us

Here are a few of the things people have said about our treatments and training

I want to say that since I had 2  treatments from you for spondylitis, my left arm is no longer painful when I lift it up. My reach is almost back to normal and I can hardly believe the solution was so simple and quick. I should have made an appointment ages ago. I will certainly be back for more “balancing”. PM from Mayo Eire

Your protocols are excellent. I have even found something I can do occasionally (name deleted) ——– with Aspergsers. The one with the missing gene. I may not find out if there is much change, as I can’t ask. You are very clever.  JC Warwickshire

Everyone should know about this. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t  benefit from at least a treatment, even if they think they are well at the moment. Celia Bray Staffs.

I knew about Bioenergetics from ACMOS, but the Cymatics took me by surprise, wow, it is amazing to think our cells vibrate to a specific frequency and we can use the sounds to bring cells back to health. I don’t think I have over simplified it. We saw what it could do yesterday!!! thanks  Tom S 

Really learned a lot. It was an excellent Seminar and ignited a sense of excitement about my work that I had lost along the way. Keep it up Petra 

I am really looking forward to the next two levels. Thank you, Maureen B

 I really enjoyed every moment of level 1 and level 2 just brought it all so much more together. I am excited to get such going with the Energy Diagnosis material as it really adds a greater depth to any of my previous knowledge. Looking forward to the next stage and am practicing daily with everyone I meet.

 HI Grace, your training just gets better and better, love the new work. Richard B x 

Enjoyed the intensive and the way the week blended in so much learning in a relaxed environment. Couldn’t’ wait to put it all into action. But I will be joining the next UK training, as I can’t get back here in the Autumn. Ralph Chapman

I loved the power point presentations and would really love a copy…thanks RSJ Swansea Wales

In addition, the information was compelling and I cannot wait until Level 3. I want to start working with everyone.  MS

Loved it, so logical and well presented I especially like that you gave us plenty of references and material to continue researching after the seminar I have already had results which I shall write to you later about. I will be happy to recommend training in the Cyma method to everyone in my practitioner group.

What a good idea, the buddy system, it probably takes a bit of pressure of you but it gives us a chance to get straight and get to know each other. And I like the idea of monthly supervision for people working as Licensed Practitioners. MMP

I got very excited when I selected a rather obscure virus problem in the client. When I told her what she was, resonating with she told me she already knew about it and consequently was interested in the “solutions” available for her. So, gave me a real lift and confidence that after level four I will feel well armed to use your method. 

Quantum Change is a small business that gets positive feedback every week and we are very grateful for the support and confidence shown to us by our many clients and customers over the years.Thank you all for trusting us to keep doing what we do. GCP  

 I did not expect to feel so clear after the session, I had previously tried other types of energy therapies but when the Antenna said I needed a Brain State session, it blew me away. I would give this Protocol 12 out of 10.  A big thank you for seeing me.


I’ve just put the phone down from speaking to you so, as promised I would like to tell you how much better I felt after listening to the DNA Biological Essence and the Knowing and Balance. I have been playing them at night for the last three days and have noticed a real upsurge in my energy level. Also I am sleeping soundly (at last) and woke up this morning feeling very positive, so I know something in me is changing. I will be getting the other two discs next month .In the meanwhile -Thank you so much for all your help.


I don’t know if you still remember me but you can go through our mails if you want. I found very interesting what you told me. I am doing what you suggested and have noticed much improvement with the problem. I am more hopeful now about my condition as I have tried many things that did not help. Thank you so much for all the help  

Umet D (Allergy and Hyperhidrosis)  

Many many many thanks for this super kind help!!!! You are a Gem!!!!

Mariano (From Spain) 

Many many thanks on my behalf to Grace, you were more than kind!!!!
He is over the moon and said he is going to put you and me in an Altar!!!


I had an accident that left me with a lot of pain and I could hardly walk. Any movement was agonizing and I did not think I would ever get over it. The x Rays taken at the Accident and Emergency showed a lot of damage to my spine and they told me I would not be able to work for a few months. As a self employed contractor, I had to get help as I was worried, I would not work again. When I came to see you, I was desperate but you were calm and whatever you did I felt better almost immediately. I remember falling asleep and waking up in your clinic feeling less pain. I could tell things were improving and I followed your advice. When I look back at how serious the injuries were- it seems like it did not really happen, but it did and you sorted it out. I am telling everyone about you. I am very grateful I found you,
sincerely yours

Richard (From Ireland)

“I am in my mid 50’s and had tried many treatments before (including a lot of medical Specialist s and Endocrinologists) to get help with my menopausal problems. The symptoms were plain distressing and embarrassing especially the hot flushes, which I could not control. I felt very old and depressed and could not sleep through the night, because of excessive perspiration and it was so bad I had to change the sheets at least once during the night! I tired HRT, for nearly two years, but nothing seemed to help. After three treatments with you I can honestly say I feel ten years younger, am sleeping well and have more energy. I feel normal now so thank you and I will be telling everyone I know that they should try “Cymatics”. Thank you very much and keep up doing whatever you do.

Diane (From Spain) Hormonal / Menopause

After two years of trying to find a solution for my irritable bowel, I was on the verge of giving up all hope of overcoming it and I was hardly leaving my house because of it. When I came to see you, I was a bit mystified, and cynical about the chances of ever finding a cure, but the way you treated me put me at ease and I was fascinated by how you found things out. I followed the advice and when I came back to see you, you noticed straight away that I was like a different person. The problem had already improved, which seemed unbelievable to me at the time. After three treatments, I noticed a marked improvement in other things as well. So, I would recommend anyone to try this. If quantum means small there is nothing “small” about quantum change.

Thank you for your quick response to my order for the weight loss CD. I am using it every day. I have already lost two pounds, (18 more to go). So I will let you know how I am doing.

Sal B

This is just a little thank you for all that Quantum Change has done for me. Please tell Grace that I am still following her advice and will be back to see her in two months. I have not had a headache for three weeks and that in itself is something I am deeply grateful about.


I have been fascinated by the DNA CDs and wonder if it would be OK for me to attend your DNA training. I am not a therapist, but would to be able to treat myself and my family with these. I think I have benefited a lot just by listening to them. So, I would really like to know more about them.

Jason R Devon UK

As promised I would like to tell you how much better I am feeling since your BioRealignment treatments. It has been more than a month since I have taken any painkillers and I that is just one of the measurable improvements. The real bonus is being told by my doctors that I do not need an operation. The problem, as you know was affecting my thoracic vertebrae and it has been causing me a great deal of trouble since I fell off a horse some 20 years ago. This for me is a miracle. Thank you and I hope that everyone is as lucky as I was and finds someone like you.

Yours sincerely,         

Jason D

Dear Dr. Peyton, thank you for the Trans-Spatial Realignment. I must say, I was impressed by your ability to pick up the information and I think you were right in what you said. I will look forward to the next one and am telling all my friends about what you are doing.

Carl (Newark New Jersey)

I want to let you know how much better I am feeling since I bought your Sound Hormones CD. I am feeling less anxious and have more energy. I also can tell you that my sugar levels are down by 4 points, which puts me back in the normal range. I was diagnosed with diabetes six years ago and it has always been a problem trying to stabilize the readings. Please feel free to use this information as you wish.

Thank you for your help, G.S 

Just a quick note to say thank you- thank you – thank you- I can hardly believe the difference I feel today compared to last week, before I came to see you. I will be following your advice and will come to see you in two weeks time. I can’t wait!

Yours thankfully

Melissa G

I was so pleased after my BIO-REALIGNMENT treatment that I have decided to join the Trans-Spatial Programme. It will be good to know that you are monitoring me at a distance. And I am willing to suspend any disbelief, because I have seen how complex the protocols are and how deep you can go into the energy readings. Plus, if I had more time I would keep visiting you both in person.


I booked a short stay at Quantum Change in September last year, because I was starting to feel tired all the time and very ‘jaded’. I am very busy with my work and it was obviously affecting my relationship with my partner and other people. I think I needed a short break to work out what I really wanted to do. Even though I did not have any real health problems, I had three treatments over four days. The programme was very simple and I had lots of free time. They made me feel very welcome too, which was appreciated. The first treatment was so relaxing I think I fell asleep and stayed tired until the next morning. The next day I noticed how much ‘lighter’ I felt, like some unknown burden had been lifted. Before I returned home, I ordered their Youth and Vitality tape and the DNA set which are perfect for me. I think of this as a special weapon that will keep me ‘balanced’. And despite the economic recession, my business is booming. Even my partner has started listening to Cymatics discs and is talking of visiting Quantum Change himself. If he does, I am going back with him for sure.

I have no hesitation in recommending everyone to try a “Quantum Change”.

With love Irene (From London)

Hip Replacement

Albert was awaiting a hip replacement operation and was in constant pain. His wife drove him to the clinic where he told me how long he had been suffering with the pain in his left hip and his concern about putting himself through the operation again. He was three years away from retirement and thought he might have to finish work earlier if the problem did not improve… He had previously had a hip replacement operation on his right side. He was given a set of frequencies to help realign his spine and a mix of frequencies for pain and arthritis, the treatment lasted about one hour. After the treatment he told me he immediately could feel a difference and he was able stand up straight. Later that same day, I heard that he had taken a car journey of more than two hundred miles. He returned for a second session about two months later. He said he had not experienced such a lengthy relief from pain as he had after the first treatment and wondered if he still needed to have the operation. I advised him to discuss this with his medical practitioner and the last report I had was that Al had decided to postpone his hip replacement until a future point. He plans to book more treatments when he is in the area and feels he is better able to manage his pain now.

I did recommend a series of treatments specifically targeting his hip problem. Having experienced an improvement in the pain aspect of his problem, which is a valuable result in its own right, complete recovery would require several treatments to go back far enough to before the problem developed.

Crones Disease

Mary had already lost more weight than she needed to. She was suffering acute digestive problems and weight was falling off her. Medical tests diagnosed Crones disease, but she had little comfort from that and could barely eat anything without some very unpleasant side effects and gripping pains. During the first treatment, a number of vitamins came up as part of the program and she was treated for allergy and sensitivities. Physical relaxation, immune system/blood frequencies and various others. An eating plan was made up. By the second treatment, Mary proclaimed herself “symptom free”. She had slept well, was able to eat more and had lots of energy. She came for three treatments in all and looked so well it was clear that Mary had restored her energy levels and was more than able to heal herself.


Ray was in his sixties when he came to me for a treatment. He told me he had lower back pain and was having trouble sleeping. He was retired from work and living alone. He had previously been caring for his mother, who had Alzheimer’s but had passed away two years earlier. It became apparent as we spoke that Ray has a history of depression and was struggling with some unresolved grief issues which were clouding his enjoyment of life and seemed to hold him back socially. He had taken various prescriptions but felt little benefit. Over five visits, all his problems were addressed by identifying the balancing frequencies and helping him to establish some new goals for himself. He said.” I like the new Ray” and it feels “more like being me, now”.

Anxiety /Panic attacks

Susan came for treatment because she was experiencing panic attacks and anxiety. She described a number of physical symptoms, breathlessness and shakiness which felt very real and she was gradually withdrawing from her friends and work colleagues because of this. She was in her forties and overweight, which was a concern but she said she could not seem to lose weight, despite trying various diets. She was given a specific set of frequencies which included vitality and life force, for confidence and calmness. At the follow up visit, Susan reported feeling more relaxed and at ease in circumstances and booked a second treatment to “deal with my weight issue now”.

Weight Loss

Many people have successfully lost surplus weight using bio resonance and bio energetic. –
Paul came for six treatments over a four month period and lost a total of 54 lbs. He was 25 years old and had always gained weight easily, but at university his weight shot up to 15 stone. He was tall and dark haired, but shy and felt that losing weight would help him to feel better about himself and make it easier to relate to his peers. Using bio resonance testing the correct foods and nutritional were identified and monitored as his body gradually changed shape.

When he reached each new goal he came to my office and gave me a hug. He looked wonderful and had so much more charisma than he had when he first came to see me.

Smoking Cessation

Tom was a smoker most of his life and reluctant to do anything about it. He was smoking two packets a day and ran his own business in Car Sales. Now almost 50, most of his friends had managed to stop and it was beginning to affect his energy levels. Like most of us, it’s hard to ignore the ill effects of smoking and despite there being various products on the market, will power and imagination are essential when changing any addictive habit. Tom came for one treatment to “try to stop smoking” He was told that the treatment, would remove nicotine from his system and put him back to a pre-smoking position, but at anytime he could start again, if he really wanted to. The smoking program is delivered like all bio resonance treatments, in a personal way, identifying your “smoking component frequencies and – eliminating them and thereby reducing cravings. Psychological factors play a role in all addictions, so they too were addressed with specific frequencies to release sabotaging issues. It also has a built in detoxification, for most of the chemical additives and it can be said that the frequencies effectively change the body’s memory in regards to the substance and its addictive nature. After one session, Tom became a non smoker and six months later, he is still “smoke free”

Shoulder pain and stiffness

Edward was in his sixties and still working as a house painter… He came to see me to help relieve pain in his right shoulder, which had not eased since he injured it five months earlier. He could not lift his arm out to the side or above his head. He told me he was afraid to hug his grandchildren as it was a hot searing pain and at night he could not sleep comfortably because he was “afraid” of setting off the pain again. He was given the Cymatics frequencies for bone, nerve fibres and inflammation. By the end of the session, he was able to lift his arm. Three treatments were recommended. He reported a complete cessation of pain and full mobility of his shoulder after the second treatment. Edward has since returned for another treatment, this time on his lower back, which was treated with arthritic frequencies and cleared up quickly after two treatments.

ME and Fibromyalgia

Sandra was confined to bed for as much as 18 days every month. She experienced joint pain and severe fatigue “all the time” and after declining health for six years had come to accept that she may never get much better. She was only 49years old but felt “like an old woman” when her husband brought her to my clinic. She was given a personalized program and regular follow up, between sessions. After four weeks, Sandra was spending much more of her time out of bed and reported having more energy and less pain. Treatments are on-going, but she assessed her quality of life as “a 1000 times better”. Although some days are not as good as others, she rarely has to stay in bed and is able to enjoy, life now.

These are just a few case histories form our work in Malaga. Testimonials have been very positive for a wide range of different issues. Names have been modified but the stories are true and if anything understated.

Medical Disclaimer

 Please note, here at Quantum Change, we are happy to work with all Medical Practitioners and would always advise you to discuss alternative health treatments with your Doctor. Whilst we consider the treatments largely preventative, we believe that these treatments will also complement any medical program you are engaged in. They are a useful adjunct to any medical treatment program and can help to minimise potential side effects of surgical procedures and/or medication as well as optimise recovery from illness.