Innovative Well-being Protocols 

The Cyma Method© uses a bio energetics testing instrument to re balance the vibratory rates within the body and in the environment. Using Cymatics frequencies, (sound vibrations) the goal is to restructure molecules so the original and healthy frequency is maintained or restored. Like a clock ticking in a room with other clocks, we use the principle of entrainment to return the original vibration – if the original sound vibration is attained, the cell has recovered its health and can generally go on to manage its own healing from then on. For this reason, Cymatics are the frequencies of choice for many people and accredited with anti aging properties as cells retain their youthful vibration much longer when exposed to their innate sound. Using these sound frequencies , Dr. G. C. Peyton has developed a series of interrelated protocols to enable a Practitioner to easily identify and select the precise frequencies or wave patterns required to provide optimum health and well being: They are as follows: Although the Cyma Method is primarily a Preventive approach to health, it is also well equipped to provide energy diagnostics and evaluations of blood, saliva and hair samples for specific investigations. So it is regenerative, preventive and very personal to you. For more information about the treatment protocols or to schedule an appointment contact us 

  Many healthy people chose this as a primary health maintenance strategy, to keep them well 

Science now knows that unless the body’s electro magnetic system is functioning optimally,  health will degenerate!

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 When all your fields are aligned you are much more able to withstand incoming problems; heal faster and find the exact requirements for your situation.


  1. Taps into your body’s own wisdom to find  precise needs
  2. Alleviates stress and environmental tensions
  3. Detects deep underlying tensions that may pose a future health problem
  4. Finds the real cause of the symptoms you experience
  5. Restores your essential energy and the vitality of your cells
  6. Rejuvenates your body
  7. Harmonizes your environment so that you can keep in balance easier
  8. Can accelerate healing of health problems
  9. Helps to reduce pain and inflammation
  10. Preventative 
  11. Personal and 
  12. Precisely caters for your needs 

The Cyma Method of Bioenergetics can be used to analyze and balance people of all ages as well as animals and plants groups and buildings