2017 January Update
Training next up on March 3rd – see below
A very happy new year to all of you.
Time does seem to be speeding up and last year brought many unexpected developments. This year looks equally promising. As I reflect a little, I can say that the year end brought several pleasant surprises. I am including a little light reading for anyone interested in the subtle working of human energy and how it affects us all.
  • Science appears to have proved the existence of meridians
  • Science now says we absorb energy from other people.
  • And a new science of Bioenergetics, (defined as the science of the Behaviour of Energy in living forms) has been listed on Wikipedia –although some disciplines call it the study of the transformation of energy in living things. It’s all about energy!

March 3-5 2017: Everything is energy and information. So, what does it mean when the body gets a symptom of disease? This is what Quantum Bioenergetics has been exploring for nearly twenty years. We have developed a comprehensive set of protocols to help realign human energy fields so we can be more resilient to the complexity of frequencies and wavelengths all around us. Whether you simply want to stay healthy or want to get well, the protocols can help you achieve it. Our training offers you the chance to find out more about the behaviour of human energy fields and how our bodies are always communicating with us.

  • A three day introduction to Quantum Bioenergetics (Basic Practitioner) Programme is being held 3rd March – If you want to know how to start balancing human energy fields then this is the starting point. You will learn how to use the Lecher Antenna to measure human energy fields and how to determine solutions to problems in the environment which can be quickly and effectively applied.
June 1996- 2016 
As I sit in my office in a little Spanish pueblo It is amazing to see how this one little website has spread all around the world. So many people (from 50 + countries and five continents) have contacted me over the last 20 years.  As a one person, independent business owner I am really very grateful to everyone of you.  You are so much more than you realise and I am very proud to serve you with the most coherent, balancing and Energetic information available. 
What I have learned over the years I have been involved with Bioenergetics, is that a balanced Bioelectrical body is essential to good health, long life and mental/emotional well being too. Science is now agreeing with this.  The first article I printed in  hardcopy many years ago, was titled "Nature's Best Kept Secret - It's You". I think it said it all. 

 Quantum Change is the original Bioenergetics and Cymatics Company and with the establishment of the Institute of Research and Development we are leading the way to a better understanding of Human Energy Systems. 

It is not surprising however, that some other Bioenergetics Companies are claiming  Quantum Changes' work for themselves. In the long term they may succeed enabling more people to learn about Cymatics and Bioenergy. In the short term they are likely to experience a learning curve.    Our standards are getting higher than ever and we will continue to work with integrity as long as we can. I think you are worth it.   Thank you for all the support and encouragement you have provided me with  over the last 20 years. My best wishes to you for now. Grace
    Thank you everyone for giving me such a warm reception on my first visit to Dubai. 
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Practitioner  Seminars  Basics and Advanced – contact Quantum Change for details

The Practitioner’s Certificate  includes levels 1 and 2 with advanced training available on successful completion of parts 1 and 2.  Each workshop is three –  four days.The format of our revised training is as follows:

Each module will be complete in itself, covering all the essential principles and theory of practice as well as the global energy fields and protocols for interventions. Students who wish to refresh their knowledge and receive up to date information can attend at a discounted price by emailing a request for more details.

Trans Spatial Programme: 

A tiny drop of blood is all we need…..and now a photo of a  blood makes it easier for you.

Increased demand for Customized healthcare

When every one gets the same advice on how to take medicines, you can assume it’s a modified recommendation, based on limiting any potential side effects. What if you could know the best dosage for you? Dosage, timing and duration of any prescription drug or even vitamin supplement, is key to maximizing its benefits for your body. Everyone is unique, so why expect everyone to take the same dose?

Quantum Change has known and practiced personal health balancing for well over 10 years. We know this is the best way to maintain health and well being in a challenging world. And now, it seems that this idea is catching on. We also know that the way health care is delivered is about to change. In this global society, both science and technology are opening up to new ways of working. Our research and experience is extensive and we want to continue to bring the best personal service to our clients and be prepared for the changes we think are heading our way. With this in mind, Quantum Change is getting ready to launch our latest contribution to E Health and personal well being.

What if you could know what your body wanted? Or, knew exactly how much  prescription pills you really need? Would you like to know what order and time to take medicine or supplements in order to maximize effectiveness and, in a way that virtually eliminates side effects.

What if we could reduce environmental tensions, so we are more alert and energized at the end of the day? What if you did not need to take chemical medicines and could get a personalized, precise and potent solution in the form of natural frequencies of sound and light? Be at your best for longer?  This is the premier way to take back control of your health and well being.