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Quantum Bioenergetics  Our training offers a broad introduction into bioenergy, frequencies and  resonance. Learn what modern physics says about healing and how that fits in with ancient knowledge. But also learn how to stay balanced and effective in these very interesting times.

Part one includes:-

  • How to  measure cellular resonance and  the multiple fields in and around the body. Understand  how the body is always communicating with you. You will be guided through the Protocols to draw on the body’s infinite capacity to heal itself and effectively manage  demands placed on it.
  • The art of questioning and the language of Energy
  • How to optimise medication and supplements so that side effects are reduced; customise diets so that the body can absorb nutrients more effectively.
  • How to identify and work with different fields to correct potential disruptions easily and with lasting effects.
  • How to go deeper into the cause of dis-ease, transcending time and space to underlying belief structures and limiting cell memories.
  • How to harmonise relationships by correcting energy leaks.
  • Following the  Brain State, Environment, Global Protocols

Part Two: This is a more esoteric approach using multiple levels of dialogue with the body. Taking a whole life perspective, harmonising relationships and releasing ancestral patterns, unwanted habits and more.   The two kinds of Frequencies – Good ones and Bad ones. Moving waves  and clearing physical symptoms. Learn how to move frequencies, reinforce them and change them so the body’s vibratory rate is lifted.

This level introduces the Light Psyche, Clearing, DNA and Pathological Protocols.

This is a student friendly programme that aims to remain current and provide a sound structure that will help all participants to raise their skills to the highest level. Certification is included on completion of  Parts One and Two. Mastery workshops are optional and focus on specialised aspects of Quantum Bioenergetics

Parts One and Two are delivered in workshop format and seminars. Each seminar is five days long (intensive) or over the course of two weekend. (Friday – Sunday)

Various venues are selected, but if you would like to organise one in your area, please contact Quantum Change for more information. Ot scroll down the page

Workshops are generally held in Malaga Spain three times a year

Practitioner Training  contact QC for forthcoming dates. 

Quantum Bioenergetics Seminars

Leading the way in training and treatments 21st Century Medicine:

The Practitioner’s Certificate- 

Quantum Bioenergetics

The Cyma Method of Bioenergetics and Resonance

The Basics  seminar provides a broad introduction to the protocols  and practical usage of the Lecher Antenna and harmonic Frequencies to help balance human (and animal) energy fields;

Basic training is open to everyone who wants to learn how to re-balance their own, their families and their friends energy fields. The goal is to allow you to understand what the body’s energy system is trying to tell you. By the end of the Basic Seminar you will know how to measure your energy fields and other people’s. You will know how to follow a simple protocol to ensure you are able to find the correct resources to balance your energy and you should be able to test whether you need any vitamin, supplement or medication and if so, how much? When and what to do if you or someone you know is experiencing side effects caused by necessary treatments. This is a wide ranging introduction to the whole method and the start of a more empowered and balanced life.

  • You will discover how to harmonize your environment and detect external and internal aggression’s and  that could be interfering with physical and mental well being.
  • Learn how to use the Lecher Antenna to measure and correct human energy fields and begin an exciting dialogue with your Energy Fields.
  • Be able to use the Global Protocol to find solutions to problems, before they materialize.
  • Discover the real cause of energy disruptions and what the body wants to heal itself.
  • Begin clearing physical disorders (symptoms) to help the subject get well and stay well.
  • Find harmonizers to reduce any negative side effects from medical treatments and optimize prescribed medications so they work better.
  • Use Cymatics (sound) frequencies to maintain the structure and form of all your body cells.
  • Use colour to help reduce brain and neural toxicity and maintain quality of the lymphatic system
  • Use essential oils to quickly eliminate blockages in the human energy system.
  • Use the Lecher Antenna to stimulate, sedate and tonify the body to help energy flow smoothly.
  • Learn how to measure results and build on your existing skills to offer a truly unique experience for your family, friends and clients Understand how time and space limitations do not exist and why you can work directly with the body or at a distance.
  •  And much more….                                                  

This can be the start of a life-enhancing journey as you discover how to interact purposefully with the invisible quantum fields all around you. As you learn to work at the very interface of energy and matter you will experience a new world of opportunity and expanded awareness. 

You and your body: We assess your energy fields and find solutions to disruptions using strict protocols and cymatics, sound, light and colour. Your body is your first line of protection against the outside world of potential interference waves. We work at a causal level to accelerate relieve from body/mind symptoms and help you maintain optimal self management of your health and well being.

Your environment: We measure any disruptive fields in and around your living and work space, recommending adjustments according to your personal needs. Your home is your second skin, protecting you from the outside interference waves and revitalizing you. Ensuring that your home and office is regulated to your and your family’s Energy can be the most important step in managing your overall health and well being.

Your relationships: We all carry cell memories and “weak lines”, which affect us, when we spend time with other people. These may be harmonious or not. When energies start to clash or bonds start to form, how does that affect your energy? If certain relationships are missing from your life, or you always seem to attract the “wrong ones” Maybe the answer lies within your energy field. Finding solutions which create more harmony in your relationships is as important as neutralizing the waves generated by them. Your relationships can be enhanced by recognizing the root of any dissonance and finding unique solutions to help compensate